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FForeign: How do you spend your free time in Prague?

Christopher Dowling

I have too much free time here since I hardly have any classes. I guess drinking and partying is the easiest thing to do, but also hanging out with my Czech-Italian tandems and the other international students takes up much of my free time. I´m trying to get to know Czech people and Czech life as much as possible but it´s not that easy as I don´t speak enough Czech. I´d also like to travel around the Czech Republic a bit more.
Christopher Dowling (20)
Venice, Italy

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FForeign: The Golden City – Yay or Nay?!

Orna McDonald

Where does one start in summarising their first month in The Golden City?! Life is renowned for presenting you with a package of positive and negative points in every situation that you encounter, and in the context of this framework, Erasmus in Prague does not differ. Overall, my experiences have been positive but there has been some hiccups along the way, as can be expected when one packs up their belongings and hikes thousands of kilometres from their home, all in the name of fun and frolics… and study of course.
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FForeign: Queues, Confusion and Absent Professors


As an Erasmus student in the Czech Republic you will soon realise that the biggest obstacle in getting your grades is not the studies themselves, it is getting to study. It is at least my experience from last year.
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