FForeign: How do you spend your free time in Prague?

Christopher Dowling

I have too much free time here since I hardly have any classes. I guess drinking and partying is the easiest thing to do, but also hanging out with my Czech-Italian tandems and the other international students takes up much of my free time. I´m trying to get to know Czech people and Czech life as much as possible but it´s not that easy as I don´t speak enough Czech. I´d also like to travel around the Czech Republic a bit more.
Christopher Dowling (20)
Venice, Italy

Kathrin Torka

In the beginning I did a lot of sightseeing and was just enjoying the city. However, after a while I started my everyday life here, that means studying, getting to know other people and partying. I usually get up, spend my day in town and finish by hanging out on the floors of koleje Hostivař. There all sit together having dinner, drinking some nice Czech beer and having fun.
Kathrin Torka (24)
Bochum, Germany

Jonas Eriksson

I wanted to fulfill the Swedish conquest of Prague and cross the Charles Bridge, but now when I am here I´m just enjoying the Czech way of life, taking part in national sports like drinking beer and stuff. I also enjoy the opportunities of seeing history at every corner. Prague is a pulsating city and you never know where you will end up.
Jonas Eriksson (23)
Malmo, Sweden

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